John Wayne – My Story

John Wayne – My Story

2 years ago, I quit my job of 14 years and ventured into the world of owning my own business full-time. I was making $105,000 creating websites.

It was a scary decision to leave a steady paycheck, a great healthcare and benefits package, and a life I thought was certain – but – it was a life where I was not in alignment.

I was not happy.
I was not fulfilled.
I was not lit up.

I worked crazy hours.
I drove 3 hours a day.
I felt stuck.

Quitting that job was the best decision I ever made.

I was able to build up over $150K in contracts in my last 3 months which pushed me to leave the job.

— —

In the last 2 years, I discovered my core value.
It’s FREEDOM. I love doing what I want, when I want.

I discovered my mission in life. It is to help people find their passion, helping them create a business that lights them up and stepping out of corporate into who they were meant to be.

— —

2 months ago, I started a new business – mentoring and coaching people to build a 6 figure business in 6 months and leave their corporate job.

I’ve never been more excited to contribute to others.

I now have 10 clients that I am helping do this. And I’ve had some great success stories already. I helped one client double their income after our first week of coaching. My goal is to help 250 people by the end of December.

I am helping clients define their business, create structure, perform at sales and marketing, and manage their money – and I hold them accountable every single week.

I get to be there with them every step of the way.

I have an ASK:
If you know anyone that wants this kind of freedom, will you please connect them with me?

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I can show them how to step into the life they have always wanted, build their own business and achieve their dreams.

Thank you.

Jeremy DeWeese – thank you brother for the gift of encouragement when I was in that place of fear. My life is forever changed.

Angelina DeWeese – thank you for your coaching. It’s always so spot on.

Kimberly Ella Krack Zimmerman – thank you for your ongoing loving support.

Tom Wyler – Thank you for this amazing video.

Josh Becker – Thank you for friendship and help always.

Friends – thank you for believing in me.

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